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Amela Frljučkić in 2020. published her first digital book and album „Musical postcard from Montenegro“ which was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and Montenegrin Musical Center. This book/album contains traditional Montenegrin music arranged in a modern way for the accordion solo and it is one of the very few publications of this type ever published in Montenegro.

You can listen her music HERE

In 2021/2022 Amela Frljučkić was part of the project team in the NGO Karika that worked on a large artistic project called „Culture up Rožaje“ which was supported by the European Union through the M'Base program. Through this project around 100 young talents were trained in five artistic fields and more than eighty activities were organized (concerts, collective exhibitions, performances, literary evenings, and various conferences). 

Project program HERE

You Tube recordings


Podmornica label is diving deep into Hibrid's world to bring his second album - "Na Pola Puta" - up to the surface. The album has been made in cooperation with his earlier collaborator, Adnan Salihović, and released under a new project called Hibrid, etc. 
With the eclectic pallet of 12 guest musicians, the album brings 11 songs spanning several different genres. You can expect instrumental tracks, vocal songs, and 
melancholic pieces that are all unified by the inimitable atmosphere characteristic of Hibrid's music. 
Conceptually, the album is imagined as a set of stories, detailing the ups, downs, and dilemmas experienced by everyone. In their desire to learn about themselves and the things outside them, Hibrid, etc, along with their 12 guests, take their listeners on a musical journey that is full of imaginable twists and turns. 

You Tube recordings (accordion-Amela Frljučkić)

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