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About Amela
an artist with a vision

Bio: Inner_about

Amela Frljučkić is passionate about performing traditional and contemporary music.

In 2020. she published her first digital book and album „Musical Postcard from Montenegro“ which was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and Montenegrin Musical Center. This book/album contains traditional Montenegrin music arranged in a modern way for the accordion solo and it is one of the very few publications of this type ever published in Montenegro.

Her performing style is inspiring for composers who write new works for her. She collaborated with Italian composer Corrado Rojac and premiered the piece „Riflessi nel bianco“ in 2022. One of the most promising young composers of Montenegro Slobodanka Bobana Dabović-Đurić wrote two pieces for her: „A path in Mone's garden“ (2020) and „The Tree of Hope“ (2019). Amela premiered „The Tree of Hope“ in 2019. and this piece is important because it is the first piece ever written for solo accordion by a female composer in Montenegro.

So far, Amela had the chance to perform at different festivals, competitions, and masterclasses in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia. She has won several international accordion prizes and twice received the „Golden Badge“ for excellent student results at the University of Sarajevo. In April 2016, the Municipality of Rožaje (Montenegro) awarded her the Recognition for her contribution to the development of the musical culture there.

She had her debut concert in November 2018. at the Museum of the Contemporary arts 'Ars Aevi' in Sarajevo, and in 2019. she represented her solo project Virtuosity of accordion which was based on performing music of the XX and XXI centuries.

In 2017, at the Music Academy in Sarajevo Amela was awarded a Master’s of Music Arts – Accordion. She earned ERASMUS+ and CMEPIUS scholarships and spent the first semester of her Master’s Degree at “Conservatorio di Musica G. Tartini” (Italy) and the second semester at “The Music Academy in Ljubljana“ (Slovenia). In 2020, at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo Amela was awarded a Master's of Political Sciences – state government.

Amela started playing the accordion when she was nine years old and took her first steps in the world of music with teacher Omer Đurđević. She completed secondary music school under the supervision of Saša Marković where she graduated as a "Student of the Generation" and got a special student prize "Luča"

Next to these teachers during her studies, she also learned from Belma Šarančić, Borut Zagoranski, Corrado Rojac, Mirjana Savić, Geir Draugsvoll, Luka Juhart among others.

Amela uses her artistic appearances in media to promote the importance of art education. In 2021/2022 she was part of the project team (NGO Karika) that worked on a large artistic project called „Culture up Rožaje“ which was supported by the European Union. Through this project around 100 young talents were trained in five artistic fields and more than eighty activities were organized (concerts, collective exhibitions, performances, literary evenings, and various conferences). 

Amela is employed at the Montenegrin Music Centre, the Public Institution responsible for the development of musical art in the country. She is in charge of designing and implementing international projects.

Also, she is a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo.

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